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Please note that we charge $2 USD app review fee to publish an app on Apkgator. You may think about submitting your apk to LatestAPK free of charge.

ApkGator is a platform where people can download free and high quality Android apk files. If you have developed a free and high quality Android app, ApkGator offers you the opportunity to make it public easily. Submitting an apk to ApkGator is free. But because of high volume of submissions, we charge $2 app review fee at the end of submission. If your app keeps the rules below, please fill in the form below to submit your app.

Which apps you can submit

  1. Only free apps are accepted.
  2. Only legal apps are accepted. Cracked, warez, malicious or violent apps are not allowed.
  3. Currently, only English apps are allowed. In the future, we may allow other languages.

How long does it take to approve your apps

It usually takes 2 business days to approve and publish your app in the market. Please feel free to contact us for any support request.

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