Frim – chat for friends

Meet new interesting people from all over the world! Frim is the best way to meet new people not only in your city, but in other places you’d like to explore. It functions like a social network and a messenger in one package.

You can send free messages and emojis to your real friends; you can look profiles and find new people online. If you like someone you can send a friend request! Frim is available on different platforms so you can communicate with your friends even if you don’t have the latest smartphone.

Absolutly free

  • Search people and look their profiles
  • Send friend requests
  • Chat with your friends

Useful features for additional payment

  • Lovely presents for someone you like
  • Megaphone messages in you city (or wherever) you can use it like local “craig list” or a way to attract attention to your profile
  • Votes for someone you like

Download, register with your phone number and use Frim! You can discover a new way of making friends and chatting with different people!





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